OCSA Clubs

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The Dos and Don'ts



Being a club means you are allowed to hold club meetings regularly in your advisor's room. The verification of the formation of your club does not give you permission to do anything you want.

Outlined below are the things permitted and NOT permitted for a club.

1. Clubs CANNOT sell food on campus unless there is an official school-wide event (Taste of OCSA, OCHELLA, etc.)

2. Clubs CANNOT hold performances outside of OCSA without school's approval.

3. Clubs CANNOT collect cash. Any cash must be given to Treasury.

4. Clubs MUST get permission to hold events on 10th Street, Breezeway, and/or any venue on school.

5. Clubs MUST get permission to have guest speakers come.

    To do this, fill out the form below and give it to Mr. Dion.

    Guest Speaker Form

6. Clubs MUST get permission to hold fundraisers on campus.

To get approval for fundraisers, you must contact Mr. Dion ([email protected]) and fill out the event/fundraiser form he gives you.

7. Clubs MUST keep record of their own finances (money raised from Taste of OCSA, OCHELLA, any deposited checks, etc.)

8. Clubs MUST give any checks to Leadership.

9. Clubs MUST ask for a check request form if the club wishes to withdraw money or send a check out to an organization, etc.

For traditional, digital, or advertisements on Art Attack live, the form below (Media Campaign Form) must be filled out and given to Mr. Dion (Room 700) or Mrs. Leimkuhler (Room 701) AT LEAST TWO WEEKS prior to air date.

Media Campaign Form

For special events or announcements on Art Attack Live...
E-mail Mr. Dion at [email protected]

For announcements regarding club meetings...
This will be displayed on the Lobby TVs and on Art Attack.
If your club meeting is cancelled, please notify us by e-mail two days prior the date of the cancelled meeting so that this may be displayed on the Lobby TV.

If you have any specific questions regarding Art Attack Live advertisements i.e. the splash pages, we suggest e-mail Art Attack live at [email protected] or Mr. Dion at [email protected]

*Club Squad is not responsible if your club meeting date/room is not shown correctly on the splash page on Art Attack Live. We send the list of clubs and dates they should be shown to AAL, but whether they are displayed correctly is not determined by us.